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Rua do Imperador, 772 Sobreloja 15 -
CEP: 25620-001 - Petrópolis  RJ
Telefax: +55 (24) 2231 5257

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"SOM INTERIOR PRODUÇÕES ARTÍSTICAS" was created in 1988 on the historical city of Petrópolis, RJ (Brazil) and became the first progressive and new age label on Rio de Janeiro state. 

The material released from SIPA, always with special care at the musical and technical's quality, never fall in the easy-listening or the self destruction "hit of the moment".

  • Started working with the release of  "Anno Luz" LP of the same group;

  • Release of  "Prologue"  LP of the band Loch Ness, consolidating your fame overseas;

  • First professional gig of Quaterna Réquiem;

  • Gigs of Lummen, Anima, Luz da Ásia;

  • 1º Encontro Progressivo de Petrópolis (1995) (Petropolis Prog Festival); Production and organization of british singer Annie Haslam (Ex-Renaissance) in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and  Petrópolis. These shows were recorded under the title Live Under Brazilian Skies";

  • Release of the CD "Orientalis" (Luz da Ásia);

In 2002 we are planning several releases. Add this page in your bookmarks and visit us. If you wish, subscribe to our regular newsletter:

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