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A list of Brazilian progressive rock bands with detailed review and information. We are translating this part of the site and we will advice when it will be on line!


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Soon a lot of Brazilian and South American prog rock bands available to order on line.





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As we are here in US also, now is easier to contact us!


We are always looking for bands and record companies to work together and spread out their talents in Brazil and South America. Please contact us ! Promos are welcome.



Do you know that Portuguese is one of the most spoken idiom in the world? Do you know that most part of the people that reads Spanish could also read Portuguese?


If you need help to promote your work in countries that speaks Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal etc), or even think in maintain a website - or even a small page - in this idiom, please contact us! We will be very helpful, believe!


Some companies and bands that took this important decision:


  • Musea (France)
  • Metal Mind Productions (Poland)
  • La Maschera di Cera (Italy)
  • Silver Lining (France)
  • Finisterre (Italy)
  • Neuronium (Spain)